“To sit down in the shade, on a sunny day,

And look up over the green hills, This is the best way to rest”

Jane Austen

We are in a strategic location, perfect to go on beautiful hikes, cultural trails,

or just to find rest and relaxation.

We offer a room with breakfast, or alternatively an apartment with independent kitchen.

We love colors, seasons, and the simplicity of good things. This is why we like to think that your trip

will end with the same enthusiasm that brought you here.

Salva & Andrè.

Bed and Breakfast "André".
BeB: Via Faiallo n.117 - 17048 Vara superiore - Savona - Liguria
Mobile and Whatsapp: André +39 346.5450975 - Salvatore +39 346.5069923
Website: www.bbandre.it - E-mail: info@bbandre.it - Bookings: andre.bedandbreakfast@yahoo.com
Fiscal Code: MNFSVT66P16F839X - Contact: Mr. Salvatore Manfredi

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